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  • Local and remote monitoring of cryogenic tank (vertical and horizontal) for level and pressure with communication through GPRS
  • Integrated and patented differential and relative pressure transducers
  • Large LCD display for level and pressure visualization
  • Level to % conversation pushbutton (if another unit of measurement is configured) present on the front panel
  • Minimum level, low pressure and high pressure/high level set-points
  • Low temperature alarm for detecting leakages of cryogenic media
  • Sleeping mode with 15 sec. periodic activation to reduce the power consumption: measure reading, alarm condition with relative remote monitoring
  • Remote level and pressure update frequency programmable from 1 to 24 hours
  • Solar panel power supply / long term battery or external power pack supply
  • Backup battery Li-Ion
  • Programming by encoder with button integrated
  • Programming and status upgrade messages receiving through software CrioSystemSupervisor
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive installation for setup and startup

Technical Specs


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Power supply
24 Vcc ± 5 % 0,35 A / Solar panel 100 mA @ max. solar exposition
Backup battery: 3.7 V 3.6 Ah Li-ion
Pressure and level (DRT transducer)
Relative pressure:
Range: 0-20 bar (standard); 0-50 bar (optional)
Resolution: 0.1 bar
Combined error (0…50 °C): < ±1 % of F.S.
Breaking overpressure: 35 bar (80 bar for range 0 - 50 bar)

Differential pressure (level):
Range: 0-2 bar
Resolution: --- (programmable by user)
Combined error (0…50 °C): < ± 2 % of F.S @ F.S. B150 mbar
Differential overpressure: ± 4 bar limited by integrated protection devices
Visual indications
4 digits LCD display for level H18 mm
4 digits LCD display for pressure H18 mm
Pneumatic connections
1/8” G female with fitting adapters 1/4" NPT female or 1/4" G female

White aluminum enclosure for wall mounting, size 200 x 170 x 90 mm, waterproof degree IP 65,
complete dimensions with solar panel 250 x 435 x 186 mm
Integrated communication cards
Integrated modem 4G with GPRS data communication
3,5 Kg / 4,0 kg solar panel included
Operating Temperature
-20…60 °C

Reference standards and directives
2014/35/EU LVD, 2014/30/EU EMC, RoHS 2011/65/EU
EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3
ISO 15001, BAM M 034-1

Typical Applications

Local and remote monitoring unit for cryogenic tanks  


Power supply 24VccSolar panelBattery backupLevel sensorPressure_sensorTemperature sensorMouting with magnetsGPRSCE certification                 



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