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GASTEL is a complete and efficient solution for the local and remote control of compressed gas storages that assures high level of safety and an essential support to logistic services, through advanced functions of remote monitoring by GPRS.

GASTEL completely replaces the human supervision activities, supplying precise and real time information that allows the manager of compressed gas distribution to organize as well as possible the production, the delivery optimization and the manage in time of anomalous situations, caused by unusual consumptions or plant malfunctions.

Frequently, indeed, gas suppliers choose to provide oversized storages to avoid unexpected consumption consequences, making significant investments without a cost-effective customer satisfaction, since they are subordinated to space troubles.

The remote control, therefore, is an essential instrument for gas suppliers, supporting the logistic departments by the optimization of the deliveries. Missed or delayed supplies can cause significant economic damages for customers, whose obligation is usually difficult to ascribe since may depends on a human mistake in manometers reading, a delayed measurements reading or a misunderstanding with verbal inquiries.

Thanks to CrioSystem Supervisor platform, installed on a central server, and CSS WebAPP, it is possible to keep always and everywhere updated on provisions and alarms status, as long as an internet connection and credentials are available.

The CrioSystem Supervisor platform is operative 24h/7 and notifies possible alarm conditions stated by the GASTEL unit, warning the plant responsible operators. These functions can be extended to customers as an optional service in combination with the gas supply, with all the relative advantages.

GASTEL unit performs those functions:

 Local measures monitoring;

 Local alarm signalling;

 Remote control by GPRS network by an integrated modem;

The GASTEL unit installation does not require specialized operators and entails low costs and low impact on time.

GASTEL is enclosed into a waterproof box for external wall mounting. The unit performs all the functions below, without auxiliary units or accessories:


It is possible to program the unit in a simple and intuitive way, just by an encoder placed on the front panel. A wide display with 20 characters x 4 lines is the user interface, showing all measures and alarm conditions.

Local measures monitoring and local alarm signalling

GASTEL manages up to 8pcs. inputs 4...20 mA and each input can be configured individually with the possibility to associate two alarm thresholds (minimum and maximum).

All measures are continuously showed in clear on the display and are easily understandable.

Each input can be freely configured in local by the user, with specific measurement unit; Net value option can be set if the input is associated to a weighing system.

The unit shows the alarm status with reference to the input configuration, by visual and acoustic signals thought blinking leds and a buzzer. There are two alarm leds and different acoustic signal frequencies to discriminate all the different critical alarm conditions.

Remote control

The integrated GPRS modem provides the automatic transmission of alarm status and storage updates; besides allows the remote modification of the operative parameters and the real time updating of measures.

GPRS technology has no limitation in the number of remote monitoring plants and avoids the PSTN and GSM typical phone line congestion.

Moreover, GPRS data transmission has low management costs and supports a high frequency of automatic plants updates.

CrioSystem Supervisor platform receives automatically all the real time alarms from GASTEL units, memorizes them and transfers the notifications to the responsible operators by mail, SMS and text to speech messages.

Remote monitoring

It is possible to request, always and everywhere, the GASTEL GPRS connections, getting real time updated measurements by a specific command from CrioSystem Supervisor web interface or CSS WebAPP.