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Monitoring of 2nd stage area gas shut-off valves for medical gases

  • 4 digital inputs for position valve sensors, type NAMUR or ON/ OFF
  • Valve status by light indicators (4 green LEDs = valve open and/ or 4 red LEDs = valve close)
  • Valve fault indication (green LEDs/ red LEDs alternating) only for NAMUR version Test button
  • Inputs programming operation by dip switches
  • Configuration function as base unit or repeater unit
  • RS485 local SDAMNet Plus network or Modbus protocol (optional)
  • Network address programming by dip-switch
  • Auxiliary outputs for collective valves open
  • Auxiliary outputs for collective valves closed
  • 4 independent outputs reproducing the input status (N.C. logic)
  • Gas labels available: O2, N2O, Med. Air 8 bar, Med. Air 4 bar, Evac. Air, Compr. Air, Air 800, CO2, Vacuum, N2, He


Technical Specs


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Power supply
230 Vac 50/60 Hz., Pmax. 5 VA, fuse 0.5 A
Visual indications
Power ON: LED Ø 5 mm, green
Valve open: LED Ø 5 mm, green high efficiency
Valve close: LED Ø 5 mm, red high efficiency 
Alarm sound
4 inputs type:
NAMUR EN 60947-5-6: Internal/ external power supply 12 Vdc +/- 20%
ON/ OFF Sensors: Internal power supply 12 Vdc / External power supply 9-24 Vdc, I max. 5 mA each sensor

Repeater outputs
4 isolated outputs until 2.500 V type transistor source
V. max.:28 Vdc, I max.: 30 mA
Logic: N.C. (open=input in alarm)
Configuration: positive common

Output signals
1 output for collective valves close
1 output for collective valves open
(See Repeater outputs for electrical characteristics)

6 modules DIN rail (EN 60715) in accordance with DIN 43380, PVC, dim. 106x90x(h)58 mm, IP34
Local network interface (option)
Isolated bidirectional RS485 protocol SDAMNet Plus or ModBus
380 g
Operating temperature
-10…50 °C
Reference standards and directives
93/42/EEC, 2014/30/EU EMC, 2014/35/EU LVD, EN60601-1,
ISO 7396-1, EN 60601-1-8, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, RoHs 2011/65/EU


Typical Applications

Local repeater for networks constituted by SDAM-MED and/or SDAL-MED 

CE 0425
Compliant with 93/42/EEC
Medical Devices Directive - Class IIb


Power supply 230VacAcoustic alarmVisual alarm   



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