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CRIOSYSTEM Supervisor is a web application, specifically designed for the remote monitoring of storaged and distributed medical and industrial gases.
This application is the result of AMBRA Sistemi srl 25 years specific application practice and experience.

CRIOSYSTEM Supervisor does not require any installation at the user level; it can be open simply using one of the most popular browsers.
Special features are: specificity, flexibility, modularity, opulence and powerful communication functions.

CRIOSYSTEM Supervisor manages the following peripherals:

  • CRIOTEL LCD, MiniCrio, MiniCRIOTEL: Monitoring system for cryogenic tanks;
  • FLOTEL/ FLOTEL-MED: Monitoring system for gas cylinders, vacuum and compressed air stations;
  • GASTEL: Monitoring system for gas cylinders;
  • MIXTEL: Monitoring and control system for Synthetic F.U. air production;
  • CRYOSWITCH-IND/ CRYO-SWITCH-MED: Monitoring and control system for gas supply dewars;
  • LIQ-SWITCH: Monitoring and control system for LN2 dewars;

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