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  • Medical O2 purity analysis in compliance with International Pharmacopoeia requirements suited for third party checking on PSA plants
  • Paramagnetic analysis cell operating in constant temperature oven
  • O2 concentration measurement with barometric pressure compensation
  • Flow rate automatic analysis control
  • Automatic execution of zero and span calibrations with configurable program
  • Safety control of inlet pressures for gas analysis and calibration
  • Zero and span calibration gas cylinders pressure control (stock)
  • 5” VGA touch screen
  • Continuous display of analysis value (O2 percentage) and calibration gases pressure
  • Local optical (screen) and acoustic notification of purity defect, flow rate, oven cell temperature, minimum zero/span gas level alarms
  • Clock and calendar function
  • Data logger containing information about the last ten calibrations: date, time, measure read in the sample gas flow before calibration
  • N° 2 RS485 ModBus RTU slave interfaces for remote transfer information
  • N° 2 relay outputs for purity fault alarm repetition and general alarm
  • Accessories available for the repetition in constantly manned rooms and remote transmission on GPRS network of alarms and measures through ModBus RTU interfaces: using PLANTEL, FLOGUARD MED, MODCOM devices
  • Local and remote programmable parameters: pre-sampling duration, date and time, calibration frequency and time, controlled oven cell temperature value, zero and span cylinders exhaustion alarm, calibration command execution
  • Manual mode Built In Test to verify functionalities of the device and circuits

Technical Specs


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Power supply
100÷230 Vac / 30 VA
Paramagnetic cell sensor
Measuring range: 0÷100 % O2
Linearity: 0,1 %
Repeatability: 0,1 %

Accuracy specifications referring to constant temperature, barometric pressure compensation and cell in calibration regime
Analog inputs
N°2 two wires pressure transducers, measure range 0 ÷ 250 bar
Digital outputs
N°2 relay contacts, configurable N.O. or N.C., Vmax. = 250 Vdc/Vac; Imax= 100 mA activated for O2 purity alarm and cumulative minor warnings
Operating alarm: yellow LED 20x10 mm– minor warnings and faults
Emergency alarm: high efficiency red LED 20x10 mm – O2 purity alarm
Acoustic signal with touch switch to for silencing
VGA 5” touchscreen Graphic Display, led backlighted

Local network I/F
N° 2 bidirectional insulated RS485, ModBus /RTU slave protocol
Temperature range
-20 ÷ 60 °C
Pneumatic connectors
1/4” G female (sample gas, zero gas, span gas, vent)
Cabinet: IP65 wall mount stainless steel ( AISI304 ) ) , dim. 400 x 500 x ( D ) 250 mm
Canopy + pedestal: Stainless steel (AISI304) support, dim. 1717mm (H) x 450 (L max) x (D) 360 mm
Cabinet: 20 kg
Cabinet + canopy + pedestal: 25 kg
Reference standards and directives
2014/30/EU EMC, 2014/35/EU LVD, RoHs 2011/65/UE
International Pharmacopoeia 0417E X° edition
ISO 15001, BAM M 034-1

Typical Applications


Digital outputs  CE certification                      

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