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This system solves the alarms indication problems for the storage gas cylinder areas and supply gases environments, with monitoring and transferring alarm status in the competence offices.

The system is constituted by:
-SDAM L4 (no RS485)4 digital inputs for ON/OFF sensors (min. / max. pressure switches)
-SDAM Repeater with LED  Repeater alarm status for SDAM L4 unit
-DIGI4CONTROL 4 digital inputs for ON/OFF sensors (min. / max. pressure switches and/or NAMUR contacts)
-SDAM  A5 5 analog inputs for pressure transmitters 4-20 mA
-SDAM  D10 10 digital inputs for ON/OFF sensors (min. / max. pressure switches and/or NAMUR contacts)
-SDAM Shut-off A5 5 analog inputs 4-20mA, gas supply control (see chapter Control Process) 
-SDAM Shut-off D10 10 digital inputs ON/OFF, gas supply control (see chapter Control Process)
-SDAM  R Repeater of SDAM D10, SDAM A5 , SDAM Shut-off D10 and SDAM Shut-off A5 in network RS485

Programming for SDAM D10/ SDAM A5/ SDAM D10 Shut-off/ SDAM A5 Shut-off units through P.C.; it is possible set the digital and the analog inputs parameters as: input identification, contact type (for digital inputs only), range of measurement and alarm thresholds (for analog inputs only, alarm priority, output relay configuration and area identification.   
SDAM units can be supplied in box for surface or flush wall mounting.
The units can be connected in SDAMNet local network (RS485) to one or more SDAMGUARD units and/ or to P.C. for central monitoring guard station.
Note: this function is not available for SDAM L4.

Two software versions are available:
-SDAMNet_Lite  SW  Monitoring base software
-SDAMNet SW Graphic software monitoring

Both versions have the following functions:
-Cyclic monitoring on peripherals SDAM observing alarms, fails and measurements
-Visual monitoring on monitor and acoustic signal activated by alarm presence
-Memory of events, measurements and fails
-SDAM peripherals programming in network
-Statistic elaboration of alarms
-Statistic elaborations of measurements
-Possibility to connect the local network by SMS with external operators

SDAMNet local network can be connected with MODBUS network through transcodification module A2M Converter.

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