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FLOCONTROL has been concept to satisfy all relative necessity for one/ two switch-over system or for independent four solenoid valves control integrated into the equipment.
The unit takes place in particular applications where it is required an safety control for the supply gas by critical conditions as: fire detection, gas detection, high-low pressure etc…
Completely programmable with 4 buttons on front panel, FLOCONTROL satisfies the following functions:

-Automatic control of two different switch-over system

-Logic control of 4 independent pneumatic valves

-Status, measurements and alarm monitoring

-Emergency shut-off with stop gas supply

FLOCONTROL manages and monitoring until 4 inputs 4-20mA and 10 digital inputs. All inputs can be assign for the switch-over functions or for Shut-off status. Every status is followed by System–halt status; this status is present at the end of all Shut-off conditions with restart pressing the relative button. On System-halt the solenoid valves interested remain close until the manual activation by the operator.

There are three possible type plants configuration:

-Control of four independent solenoid valves with logic control and Shut-off function

-Control of one switch-over system and two solenoid valves with logic control and Shut-off function

-Control of two switch-over system


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