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Alarm unit SDAL-MED L5 for gas distribution pipeline alarm signaling with no.5 digital inputs


- No.5 digital inputs ON/ OFF (pressure switch) with the following configuration:
  L/ H alarm pressure O2, Med. Air or Evac. Air, CO2 and Low Vacuum 
- Alarm notification by 5 red Led for high priority
- Alarm recovery function after 15 minutes, selectable by dip-switch
- Test button
- Programming jumpers for selection of input operation N.O. or N.C.
- Auxiliary output switch for external cumulative alarm indicator
- Auxiliary output switch for external hooter
- No.5 independent outputs reproducing the input status
- RS485 local network interface and proprietary protocol SDAMNET or Modbus (option)
- Network address programming by dip-switch
- Optical and acoustic indication about alarm status in accordance with European standard ISO 7396-1 and IEC 60601-1-8